Everything at Hello Aha! is hand created right from my studio for you. As an artist-maker-designer I’m inspired to create colorful art, goods, tools & resources for inpspiring great work, motivating folks, sparking the creative & innovative spirit, giving much needed and deserved recognition to others and in general  contributing to helping folks do great work.

We offer journals, tools for recognizing your staff, team members, colleagues, and clients, art for innovation, creativity, motivation, and inspiration and HUMOR! Workbooks for personal and team professoinal development, gifts and so much more to get and keep you inspired. 

More about Felicity: 

 I am a professional development, career and creativity coach with a crazed passion for transformative processes and a belief that work and how we work can not just be better but be the best. The power of curiosity, exploration, and creativity benefits everyone and I want to share that with all. You can– right now– begin to have positive and immediate influence on changing your own thoughts and actions around work and how you work. Plus you can transmit that influence to others – radiating out an osmotic positivity that folks will absorb.  None of this takes waiting until you are in the right job, it’s the “right time”, you’re promoted, or for your organization to announce change.


Why am I a career and creativity coach? I want us to escape from the idea that everyone who works in an office is yearning to get out. We all need to shout out that work matters and what matters most is how we work and how we work with others. I want us all to remove ourselves from judgement and sink in to doing the work we are meant to do – that brings us happiness, a path that feeds our curiosity, gives a real sense of “yes this is it” kind of purpose, and an abundance of joy and bucks (dollars that is not deer).**

What is a career & creativity coach? First and foremost I am here to help you help yourself be the you that you want to be. I want to help liberate you from fears of who and what you think you should be and bring you to who you know you really are (that’s a mouthful right). I am here for curious, intelligent folks who recognize the value of difference, authenticity and exploring new ways of being. This is where the creativity comes in. My coaching practice includes engagement in color use, art materials, play, writing, dreaming you name it. I also — as a maker myself — work directly with creatives that are thinking of their “what next” or how to live more fully creative everyday.

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Contact Felicity directly at Felicity (at) helloaha.com to find out more about one-on-one coaching sessions and other professional – life and work enhancing engagements and options. I can create a special program of resources and motivation just for you. First session is free – no risk.

Background & Credentials

I am a trained-certified Career & Creativity Coach (LC Certification). I have a BA in English (literature that is) and a MNS (Master of Natural Sciences) in Biology. I am a Certified Research Administrator and I have experience in grant writing and working in the sciences, the arts, and the humanities. I am an artist-maker, an avid learner, I’ve worked in academia for many years, been a manager, a leader, low on the totem, ran major research  projects, sold handmade stuff at local craft fairs and online, sad in despair and happy when work is going right. I have a strong knack for problem solving and for getting folks to fine tune what it is they really want.

I have been in training all my life for this purpose – to help others and to make our professional and work selves and our creative selves find meaning and joy while being transformative and exerting positive influence.

**No guarantees of specific outcomes are given. The coaching process is a very personal, individual experience and the benefits derived from the coaching experience are different for everyone. To get the most out of it you must be committed to putting the most into it.